January 5, 2008

Finding My Funny...After The Holidays

So, I have no problem being funny on other people's blogs not so much on mine. Yet... It'll get there.

In the meanwhile, I think my family has had enough family time for awhile. Fist fights and constant sniping over board games are a couple of tell-tale signs. And the chair through the window, well, that was the final straw! Just kidding about the fisticuffs and the chair.... Not the arguing though! Is there anyone else who has a difficult time being corrected almost constantly by those who are under 18 years old? Or even those who ACT like they are under 18 years old? And it's not like they are right or anything, just contrary. Arrrgh! I love my family, they are some of the best people to spend time with...just not a whole bunch of time at once. Sigh, I am so glad the holidays are over.

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