July 25, 2008

No Habla BlahBlah

Life with Asperger's is, um, interesting. Never boring! :o) B has been seeing a psychiatrist for 3 months and is taking an anti-depressant, Zoloft. It seems to be helping the mood swings. We don't have to put up with as MANY grumpy days as has been normal in the past. We are also looking into some job training and social skills stuff through a local program. So, things are looking up... :o}

He is sitting here watching me type (and correcting my spelling). Hmmm, maybe I should have him write a post about what it is like as an 18 year old newly diagnosed with AS. He is a writer after all... Well, son? :o)

He doesn't exactly like the name of his particular syndrome... It sounds too much like Ass-burgers, he says. Which brings all sorts of unwanted images... ummm, yeah, no! :o) The finer points of social interaction are difficult for him to grasp but he is a hugely social person. He will talk your ear off about his sunbjects of interest. Movies, cars, science fiction, fantasy writing, LOTR, Star Wars, Mummy, Indiana Jones, Anime, {he is giggling telling me not to put certain things down...like, Pokemon} and Halo. He loves to read, is highly intelligent, and drives me nutters!

Soon I will tell the story of why it took so long to get a correct diagnosis. Something that I am sure many parents will identify with...

Until then... Hasta la Pasta!!!!