December 31, 2008

Happy New Year ...Dream Board #1

The Dream Board is a seemingly simple undertaking. The hard part is knowing when it's done. :o) You create a collage of sorts with whatever materials & mediums you choose. The pictures, colors, words & phrases are things that you want to attract into your life. Basically, an artistically graphic diary of sorts.

The picture is one I took during the snowfall last week. The woods have always been a place of peace & calm. The words are self explanatory. The colors represent life, calm & warmth. I am not completely satisfied with this one but it is a good start.

I plan on doing one a month but I think it could become an addiction once I have my work/play space organized. I have already purchased some small canvasses, paints, glitters, etc to add to my craft collection. I have some ideas for more dreamboards and will post them as they are completed.

Blessings to you & yours in this new year...


December 11, 2008

Fun little toy...


This one is of my blog.

Go. Try. Fun. Thoughtprovoking...

December 4, 2008

Letter to a Friend

Hi! :o) Blessed Yule & Happy Holidays,

Wow, I don't know where to start. Things are going well. SC is enjoying his job. Bubba is registered in school and will start the first week of February. It is called Insight and is an online school through Washington state public school. He will get a laptop and have a private account to log into on the school server. He will do a majority of classwork online with some supplemental resources. We are slowly but surely unpacking; getting things settled. Here is where it gets interesting.


Before we left town, my sister volunteered to finish packing and cleaning the house so we could get up here and not worry about it. After we got the house here, we decided on having Maria & crew drive the truck up here the weekend before Thanksgiving. We would unload the truck and they would spend T-day with us. On Friday they would head home.

Wednesday (the 19th) before they left, Mom and Bubba and I were getting ready to go shopping. Mom went to let the dogs in the back door and tripped over an area rug. :( She landed on her knees first and then tried to break her fall with her hands. She landed on the carpet, face first, with her arm under her. I heard this loud bump and realized she had hit her head on the back door. She ended up with a disjointed pinkie, a carpet burn on her forehead...aaaaannnnnnd fractured the c-1 & c-2 bones at the top of her spine/base of her neck, as well as the knob at the top of the spine.

I didn't let her move, kept her as still as I could. I wasn't sure if I should take her to an urgent care or call an ambulance. I can't believe I was actually afraid Mom would be upset with me for calling 911. (shaking my head) I did call 911 a couple minutes later. I told her I didn't care if she got mad at me. :|

She was in the hospital for 5 days. On Saturday (the 22nd), the doctor operated to insert a screw into the the fracture to encourage it to fuse back together. She will have a neckbrace for two or three months & is supposed to lie as flat as possible. She didn't lose any mobility; no other bones broken. (sigh)

She came home the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Then all hell really broke loose! My sister had arrived Saturday afternoon with the truck holding the rest of our belongings, as well as my nephew, JG, her step-daughter, S. and her 1 year old grand baby, A. On top of that my uncle and aunt came up from Portland the Friday after she fell. So, I had a houseful of people, boxes, animals, and crying babies all at a time when I am feeling scaredfrustratedanxiousguiltyoutofmygourd... not a good time.

I need to diverge and give you some back story...

The day we went to drive away from the Fresno house, our Ford died. My sister knowing that we had to leave by the morning at the latest was kind enough to let us borrow their car for the trip. My sister is a christian, but not just ANY kind of christian. No, when my family does something they do it up reeeeeaaaal good. My sister is a bible-thumpin, right wing conservative who believes that Barack Hussein Obama is a terrorist that will ruin our nation with his Muslim ways. Forget about the fact that ALL of that has been disproven time and time again.

Well, weeks before, on the back of our car, SC & I had proudly placed our Obama/Biden bumper sticker. It apparently drove my sister crazy to be driving the car around with that bumper sticker. So, about a week before the election, she took it upon herself to remove said bumper sticker. Ridiculous...

When SC saw the bumper sticker gone, he was upset, no, actually, he was pissed. Scorchingly pissed. Freedom of speech, censorship, personal property violated, etc. My sister is also a controller and drove both myself and mom crazy with her issues. I am picky about my kitchen; I had some of my cabinets already arranged. I left for a few hours and when I returned all the cabinets had been rearranged according to my sister's needs rather than mine. RAWR!!!!

Anyway, things did NOT end well at ALL, girlfriend. Jimi and my sister got into a fight on Wednesday morning (day before Thanksgiving). Things were said, that while true, probably shouldn't have been spoken. My sister & crew left. My Aunt & Uncle let their disapproval be known and left. So, we had a quiet Turkey day.

Mom & I have had several incredible talks. She is upset with my sister also. There are promises that Mary has made to Mom and then broken. Have you ever known anyone who could rewrite history? My sister can. It is mind-blowing.

So, Mom & Jimi made up (he apologized for saying what should have stayed inside words), Jimi & I made up and here we sit. No resolution to the whole sister thing. RIght now, that is fine with me.

I am examining a few things in how I handle traumatic events. Realizing that I need to be able to access my spiritual/creative side. I can't do that until I have my house setup. I can't get my house setup til my boxes are unpacked. Sooo, I am going to move my butt and get my boxes unpacked so I can access that whole spiritual/creative side o' things. I am looking into pagan resources up here. Looking for a group of people to hook up with for myself and Andrew. We are going to go to the library Saturday, see what groups are available for Bubba ~ maybe a chess club...

We miss you guys. I hope everyone's health is good and that you have a great holiday season! Write me, send pictures...hope to see you sometime soon. :o)